Happiness all around

Hey everyone!
Today I will try to answer an important question- How to find happiness?
We all want to be happy but, we get stressed or get bothered by the things around us.
How can we find Happiness in such situations?

you can find ecstasy in little things around you,
like by helping others or doing something for people around you is one such way.
You can also make your favourite dish in the kitchen, and can feel happy about it, you don’t need to be a great cook for that.
Or, Try to find time for something you really like and that can give you happiness, having a hobby is really great.
You can also go outside and have a walk(if possible), whenever you feel low. Maybe it’s time for you to explore
Talking to friends is another great stress buster.

Singing/dancing occasionally can also make you happy, you just need to let loose.
Regular exercise is another significant way which can make you happy, as it reduces stress.

You can find joy in everything you do.
If I talk about myself, I Love to write but sometimes I don’t feel like writing, but I still write and it really makes me Happy.
You need to do something you enjoy and enjoy everything you do.

Happiness is around you, you just need to discover it and share it everyone, cause it’s one such things that multiplies by sharing.

Share some of the things that makes you happy in the comment section below.

Before I end this I want to wish you Happy international happiness day.
See you guys soon!!

38 responses to “Happiness all around”

  1. Very beautiful and a cheerful post. I enjoyed reading it because I found it so positive and full of life. That’s how a spirit of life should be. Well done, dear.

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  2. It appears the most important aspect of this day of happiness would be the self satisfaction of spreading such joy to others of need. You’re doing that here.

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