You are a girl, remember that

You are a girl, remember that

I wish all the women, mothers, sisters and all the different roles of ladies, a very happy women’s day. Keep smiling.

35 responses to “You are a girl, remember that”

  1. A day worth remembering always. The tenth Guru gave the last name ‘kaur’ to every woman. It means ‘princess’. Guru Nanak wondered how a woman could be seen as second to anyone when she is the one who gives birth to emperors.
    Happy woman’s day to a brilliant blogger friend, Preet.

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    • You are absolutely. This kind of comment can inspire every women out there. I know world is changing but still women are living a risky life.
      I hope people will learn to respect women. Thank you so much. 😊🙏🙏

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    • Thank you and same to you mam. 🙂🙏
      And as we are women, we can understand this thing very well. 😊
      No belated, for us everyday is woman’s day. 🙂
      We are women for 365 days. No, rest no relax
      Beti, bahu, behan, maa. Whatever is the identity that reality doesn’t change.😅
      Am I right? 😊


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