Aadiyogi (shiv sitting in tapasya)

Shiv is an Indian god with so many names. He has so many names and and can be called by different names. Some names are bholenath, mahadev, mahakaal, shankar, Aadiyogi and so on. Aadiyogi, as the name represent “aadi” means “beginning ” Or” To begin” And “yogi” Means the one who is doing yog. But, do you know what is the meaning of yog? Yog is not only excercise but it is the one’s self realisation and yog is to learn more about ourselves. Yogi is the one with no vikaar or flaws. Yogi is the who can win his/ her all senses and can control them according to their own choices. Aadiyogi is the name given to shiva, as he is the only one who doesn’t have any flaws. He has given this name by sapt rishi ( seven saints) as they got the knowledge of yog from Lord shiva and they have been sent to seven different places to teach yog to others in order to make their lives positive.

Saptrishi – seven saints met Lord shiva and get the knowing of yoga from him. The name of seven saints are- Rishi vashishtha, Rishi Atri, Rishi Bhardwaj, Rishi Vishvamitra, Rishi shaunak, Rishi Vamdev, Rishi Kanv. They get this knowledge in order to spread it worldwide but before they can leave Lord shiva asked for the guru dakshina or fees. In order to pay their regards towards their guru, they had to give their most precious thing to their guru. For them, the most precious thing was the knowing they got from Lord shiva. So, they have given those knowing in Lord shiva’s feet as his dakshina. But, those knowing were within them. So, they were able to pass on that knowledge to others.

Aadiyogi shiva could meditate for so long. There are two means of meditating or meditation – one is jap, few hours or even few minutes chanting of mantras. Second one is tap, it is way by which saints and sages get in to the eternity. This is the hardest way to meditate. This type of meditation includes your complete control on senses. It needs a good focus and concentration. Then, only one will be able to win their senses and will be able to control them. It takes millions of years to get the complete control on senses. Millions isn’t it seems really hard. But, once you get the control on your senses you will be free from five vikaar or defects of human body and you’ll be able to become infallible. Those five defects are – sex, anger, greed, attachment, arrogance (काम, क्रोध, लोभ, मोह, अहंकार)

यम्, सन्यासम्, इति, प्राहुः, योगम्, तम्, विद्धि पाण्डव,
न, हि, असन्यस्तसङ्कल्पः, योगी, भवति, कश्चन।।2।।

The meaning is that you take Sanyas after abandoning one wife, but five defects (sex, anger, greed, attachment, arrogance) –like wives are still with you i.e. desires are still present; abandon these, then you will become a Sanyasi. Like, Sukhdev Ji wandered a lot after becoming a Sanyasi but did not give up pride and self-praise, as a result of which remained unsuccessful. In order to become a sanyasi, one needs to control all the six senses.

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    1. I didn’t studied vedas. This knowledge is passed on to us by my ancestors and given to me by my parents. Yeah! I took help from some people’s post on wordpress who had knowledge of vedas. You can say I’m am still learning. 😊🙏

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      1. Okay, that’s right ! The knowledge of vedas is very vast and it is very difficult to understand facts, concepts and contents. Nowadays I am listening the audio of vedas on music app. Thanks


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