Pleasant smile

A girl has been born in the House of thrones

A smile has been passed through many sarcastic tones

The life of a mother has been changed by a millions

When she fold her fingers before she could catch up her mom

She could make everyone crazy with her million dollar smile

She could play with her mom just for a while

She just wanted to spend time with her mom

Why are you taking her away from her mom

Don’t you think, she needs her arms

To protect her, to secure her from everyone’s  evil eyes

She could make everyone crazy with her million dollars smile

She doesn’t want to die, she has this right

She can live long, she can stay strong

Don’t kill her, this will be wrong

Don’t take away her life

She could become someone’s wife

She will live the same life as her mom

So, stop it right now, for sake of your own

Stop it or it will keep on going like this

You can’t let it keep on flowing like this

A river of blood, A blade of knife

Hold her head, take away her life

A girl has the right to live her life

Don’t kill her, don’t take away her life

29 responses to “Pleasant smile”

  1. It’s very distressing that even today female foeticide is practised. We need to make people aware about the fact that men and women are equally capable , probably this would make them stop from doing this.
    Nicely written.🙏🏼

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  2. This is for those who think girl child is just a burden. This is for those who kill girl child before birth. It doesn’t mean that who doesn’t have child or who has a boy as a child is not blessed. Because, everyone get their food from the God.

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