Extinct humanity #2

Today’s era is selfish. People are so selfish that they can’t see people around them are human. They just treat them according to their class. What class? When you don’t know how to respect people. You are not human yourself. It’s not for a single person. It’s for everyone. I wish for a world, where people treat each other respectfully. But, as we know it’s not possible. As, we have our own eye to see people around us. So, we treat them the way we want to. It’s hurts when kids works and beg in the age of learning. The time when they should go to school. They used to beg for food and money. And I saw some old people begging in the streets and some old men used to be street wander. Even in this age they have to earn money for themselves. You know why, because the children for whom they earn money, their whole life were so selfish to throw them out from their own house when it’s their turn to do something for them. Isn’t it harsh? Yeah! It is. I saw this kinds of examples everywhere. In train, in buses, in streets, even in my neighbourhood. When I tell them to complain, they say no…. A big no. As, according they don’t want to see their children behind the bar or in any misery. Their children…… How can you even call them you children baba? When they just think about themselves. Well, it’s good. I want to awake each and everyone from us to help those needy people. We have to wake them up. We have to tell them about their rights. We can help those kids by sending them to school, by making them literate. Now, I want to an incident with everyone. One day, I was going to give an exam to another city by train. I was seating on the window seat and was looking outside. Suddenly, two old couple came inside the train in hurry and sat on the floor. They were looking here and there in order to hide themselves from someone. Right after 2 minutes, a cop came inside the train asking about those two. He was searching for them in hurry. As, it was time for train to leave the station. The cop soon got his hands on those two started to pull them towards the door. He was abusing them and treating them impolitely. He was very I’ll – mannered. He held old man’s collar and keep pulling him outside. The old man said sorry so many times. As, he didn’t have ticket with him and stole the food. But, the cop wasn’t listening. The cop was looking as he stole the food from someone’s stall. The old man was in wear off clothes. The old women was in alson worn off saree. The old man was keep saying sorry. But, the cop was behaving like he’s deaf. He throw him out of the train. I was looking from the window. I saw a boy coming from far away who asked cop to leave those old couple. But, he didn’t listen to him. So, he gave some money to settle things. And it works. The cop left. The boy asked them why did they stole the food? They told the whole story. They told him that their son threw them out of their own house and made them to beg. Nobody was helping. The old man told him that his wife was diabetic and needed something to eat as she was feeling dizzy. So, he started begging. When didn’t get anything. He asked a shopkeeper to give him some food. But, the shopkeeper denied. So, he decided to steal some food for his wife. He was looking helpless. Why can’t people help? Why didn’t the shopkeeper give some food? Why didn’t the cop listen to him? The boy listened to him and felt sorry, so was I. The boy gave them some money. The train left the station. During my journey that day, I was just thinking about those old couples. I am really to be born in this harsh and selfish world. We don’t show humanity and we call ourselves human.

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  1. Priti
    This is the true picture of today’s world. Today’s humanity. You have beautifully pointed out that the problem is in family. Family has broken into pieces. Older people are in very bad situation inspite of having money. They have no company. For poor it is worst as you said about the case in train.
    Can we not build a wonderful world with love and happiness? We can. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Best wishes 🙂 😊🙏

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    • Thank you so much for understanding and giving your precious time on commenting. Yes, we can change this world but we have to stand together for that. I hope we will make a change by our words. Best wishes to you too🙏😊

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      • Now we are standing together. Amber has brought us into a single platform. Together we can. We are not alone. The same way we are really not alone. We are from one single source, The Supreme Self. We appear differently. All these we see separately are manifestations only. Stay blessed always.😊🙏

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  2. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your blog.
    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to
    come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme?
    Superb work!

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    • No, I didn’t change anything in my website. I just focused o writting. But, thank you so much for appreciation. But, the credit goes to WordPress itself. 😅


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