Extinct Humanity

Thank godness, we are still breathing in this cruel world. It means, we are alive. But, are we really alive? I don’t think so. If we talk about pupeet, they move but it does not mean that they are alive. Similarly, we are moving, but we are not alive because our soul, our humanity and our kindness are all dead. I am sorry  to say but We are all dead. I feel so bad to Accept that I am so weak. If I can’t protect anyone. I am weak. I am sorry for myself, for being so weak. One Day, I was Eating something on roadside stall and I saw a five years old boy asking for food to everyone. He came to Me and said. ” Give me ten rupees, I will eat parantha”. I said- ” Okey, I will pay for your parantha but first take me to the shop I will directly give money to the shopkeeper”. He said- ” No, give me money”. I said- ” Do one thing, come with me and you Can eat your fill”. He said – “I can’t, they will beat me”. Now, after listening I can imagine that What kind of life Is he living? But, I get to know that how I am living a meaningless life. 

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