The cross roads

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I am Preeti Sharma. I hope, you will like this story. So, please give your Love and support. Now, I want to bring your attention towards this story. It doesn’t involve any real character and it is completely fictional. This story gives an idea how can different people meet with each others and how their path will become one. It tells about the journey of Henry and Ashley and shows the hurdles which they get in between their journey. It is a interesting story. I hope, you will like it and give it your love and support.


We Can’t always walk on the same path. Similarly, this story also emphases on the path followed by two strangers.. Henry and Ashley and their journey that pulled them on the same path. Henry was a man with beard and brown eyes who worked in an IT company. Whereas, Ashley was a beautiful young lady with blue eyes and Golden hair. She was the owner of a bakery shop and was a very good cook. The begining of the journey is quite full of adventures. This story emphases on the quarrelling and understanding between  both of them during the journey. It also shows how the different path followed by different people becomes same. This story may pull the reader’s attention with its plot where Henry and Ashley met each other because of a misunderstanding which afterwards made them friends. If you Like suspense and drama. Then, this is the best dramatic story for readers.. I hope, you will enjoy this story.

Chapter 1

“It’s Monday, right. So, I will see you today at pixy cafe. Yeah, yeah…. I know you are still at office. But, you will have to come. No matter what… ” Ashley said on the phone in sarcastic tone and with elated expression. Ashley was 20 years old beautiful young lady with fair complexion, blue eyes and Golden hair. She was the owner of a bakery shop named as D delight bakery shop.

“I will come there. But, it will take time dear. So, wait there for me darling”. Hazel said with a pleasant smile on her face. Hazel was 18 years old pretty young lady with fair comlexion, dark brown hair and blue – green eyes. She used to wear spectacules. And she is 2 years younger than Ashley. They both were sisters and share a strong bond with each other.

“Okey, I will wait. But, try to come before the party started. See you there” Ashley said with a joyous smile and hung up the phone.

On the other side, Henry was working on his laptop with anxiety. ” I have to complete it today, no matter what. Otherwise the boss will make me insane”. He said in irritated manner and furious tone. Then, suddenly his phone rang. And it was his boss. He picked up the phone.

“Hello, Henry…… My boy. Haven’t you completed that project yet? You didn’t send me mail? ” Mr. Sharlene said from the other side. “I was waiting for your mail from the morning”. He taunted him.

“Yeah.. Yeah.. Actually sir, I was just giving it a finishing touch. I will send you the project mail after one hour”. Henry said to him in convincing way.

“One…hour, don’t you think! it’s too much.. ” Mr. Sharlene said with bewilderment.

No, sir. If you want this presentation to be the best. Then, please give me just one hour to make it perfect”. Henry said with assuredness. His eyes were sparkling.

“Ok, then… Send me the mail after one hour. Good luck”. Mr. Sharlene hung up the phone with his last words of belief.

Henry completed his work, sent the mail to his boss.. And took a deep breath.. ” Phew.. “. He turned off his laptop and lay down on the couch to take some rest. He was watching the fan on the ceiling and said to himself  “After doing that much work, I get to take some breath at last”. Henry was 21 years old muscular man.

He turned to the left to take some sleep. But, suddenly his phone rang. He picked the phone. It was his best friend joe on the other side.

“Hola! Henry. ¿ cómo estás? ” Joe said with delight and with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Hola! I am good joe. Henry replied. Please don’t talk in Spanish. How many time I have to tell you… I am very bad at it”. Henry replied sadly.

“Hahaha…” Joe laughed pleasantly. Joe was a tall man with long beard and fair complexion. He was originally from Spain but end up doing a mechanic job in America.

Why’d you call? Henry asked tiredly. I hope you didn’t call just to throw your baseless jokes here. I’m so tired right now. So tell me the reason, coz i can’t take them anymore”. Henry said in low voice.

“I am going to meet my novia nueva. This going to be our first meeting. Y yo quiero  impress ella. Pero, you know no hablo inglés buena. So, please come with me for help. ” Joe whispered to him. And then he took a deep breath.

Henry settled himself on the couch. Then, he asked surprisingly – “What do you mean by novia nueva. I didn’t get it.”

“Ahh! Joe sighed and then he replied- ohh! It means new girlfriend. And I want to impress her. Then, he  shied a little and said – i know, you  the only man i know who can help me. You are so good  on know a woman’s heart. So, you can teach me poco i mean little what that’s…… Ahh manners and a little English. Por favor ayudarme, i mean please help me out. Lo sé, I mean… I know you will not say no… You really are a buena amiga mean.. good friend. ” He sighed after giving a long speech.

After hearing his overwhelming speech and thinking for little while. He said ” Okey, I will help you when is the meeting?” He asked

“Tomorrow, it’s tuesday. I know you will be free early as you told me.  Come with me please ” He requested to Henry.

Okey, i will come with you” Henry replied with smile. “But, right now I need some rest. So, please lemme do that”.” He requested to Joe.

“Ok” Joe said and hung up the phone.

Hazel completed her work and locked the bakery shop. As soon as, she reached home, she starts to do the preparation for the party. She gets ready, took her purse and then leave for the pixy cafe.

After getting out of the taxi. She saw her sister standing outside the cafe. She was waiting for the Hazel. She was in a light blue gown with a beautiful matching handbag.

They met each other in joy and quickly embraced each other. ” You are looking beautiful ” Ashley said to hazel, who was in beautiful white dress with some polka dots. Then, they went inside the cafe.

Henry was sleeping. Suddenly his phone rang and he picked up the phone. It was joe,; – ” You…. What do you want now” Henry shouted on Joe. ” I was sleeping man” He said.

“Sorry, will you please come right now at pixy cafe” Joe requested to Henry in an overwhelming tone. ” Actually, she is coming to pixy cafe and invited me there”. Joe told Henry.

Henry stay quite for a while.  He checked the phone it was 9’o clock. He gives it a thought. Suddenly, he hears a voice. It was still Joe who was trying his best to convince Henry.

” Please help me my friend ” Joe requested again.

Henry accepted his polite words and gets ready to go with him. It took him only 5 minutes to get ready.

As Henry came out from his house. He saw Joe, who was waiting for him outside his house. Joe already called the cab, which came after 3 minutes. They both sat in the cab and started their journey towards their destiny.

They both reached the pixy cafe. They paid the fare and came out of the cab. They both were standing in front of the pixy cafe. Henry looked at Joe and said – ” So, are you ready “. Joe replied with excitement – ” Yeah! Yeah! “. Henry said – ” Ok let’s go”

They both went inside the cafe. Suddenly, Joe shouted indicated his finger towards a girl and jolted Henry’s shoulder -” There she is, let’s go”. Henry smiled and nodded – ” Hmm”

Henry saw the girl. But, the one Henry was looking at, she wasn’t Joe’s girlfriend. Actually, the girl was standing near Ashley. And Henry was looking at Ashley, thinking that she is his girlfriend. As they started to move, suddenly Joe’s phone rang. Joe picked up his phone. It was his mother And he knew, she will take too much time. So , he told Henry to go on. And left the cafe to hear her voice clearly.

On the other hand, Henry was moving towards Ashley without knowing the truth. He thought – she was the girl about whom Joe was talking. So, he was going straight towards the Ashley.

As, he reached near her. He thought – ” This will be a bad idea to talk with her directly. But, Joe is not here. She must be waiting for him and feeling lonely. What should I do?. “

He turned back, and was thinking of leaving the place. But, suddenly he turned back to tell her about Joe. As he turned back, he saw that the girl was looking at him. This makes his whole body tremble with anxiety. She asked – ” Yes, can I help you”.  But, he didn’t say a single word. He was so mesmerized by her sweet voice that he couldn’t think of anything. It was like, Everything stopped for him.

He was in some another world. It seems like he saw an angel from heaven. She was keep saying again and again – ” Hey, hello! You, I’m talking with you. What do you want? Why are you standing near me?. She was speaking to him but he wasn’t listening. He wasn’t in himself. He lost himself. She said-” Do you have any business with me?” He was flying in the sky with invisible wings, but suddenly he fell down. After thinking for a while. He said to himself -” Hey… Hey.. Hey! She is joes girlfriend. Hey! You… My heart… Stop right there. Don’t pump too fast. She is Joe’s girlfriend. Did you forget?” He was in his thoughts, then suddenly broke up his clouds of thoughts. It was Ashley’s hand, Which is on his shoulder. As, she was telling him to stay away from her. And find some other place to roam around. He was staring her like she was the only person standing there. He was looking alternately at her hand and at her face. She pull her hand back in hastily. But, he was still looking at her face.

She got a little uneasy. Then, he said – ” I’m sorry that I didn’t introduce myself “. She gets a little surprised and asked him perplexedly -” Who are you?”.

Ohh….Hello! I’m Joe’s friend. My name is Henry.” He intimated. Ashley was still because she doesn’t know about Joe. She was thinking, may be he misunderstood something.

So, she told him – ” I’m Ashley. I think you…. ” Before she could complete the sentence, Henry interrupted and said to her – ” You are so beautiful “.

She stood still for a while. She shied and looked at her sister. Hazel was already looking at her. They both smiled and looked at Henry. Suddenly, Joe came and told Henry that his girlfriend was standing behind him. Henry apologized to Ashley and Ashley smiled and said- “it’s ok. It can happen with anyone”. Everybody laughed.

Joe and Henry went to Joe’s girlfriend. When they were leaving the cafe. Ashley and bumped into each other. They laughed . Ashley and hazel left the cafe, because their didn’t come. Henry was paying on the counter. When he came out and saw them. He asked- ” Can I help you”. Hazel said -“no, actually we are waiting for the cab. Don’t know how much time will it take”.

” Hey, why don’t you come with us. I will drop you.” Henry asked. Ashley said -” No it’s ok. We can wait”. Hazel said- ” No I think, we should go with him. It’s too late. We can’t wait now. If you don’t have any problem Ummm.. Mr… ”

“Henry” He replied. They both sat in the car and he dropped them at their home. They both said together -” Thanks alot”. He smiled and left.

Will they be able to meet again? How will they become friends? What will happen next? Let's see in the next chapter. If you think this story is interesting then please write to me. So that,  I can write next chapter. Support me by sharing and don't forget to like and comment

God has someone for you somewhere out there. So, wait for him/her to come to you someday.


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