No one can understands the pain that you are going through

We know very well that women are very strong although they are treated as weakest among all living creatures, weaker than an animal even. But the truth is that women have a great power to give birth to a child which proves that she is strong on her behalf. She always experiences new obstacles and hurdles but the fervency that she can destroy everything is much weaker than her patience. That’s the reason why always women can easily get hurt. She always tolerates but not because she is weak that’s because she tries to save her relation. Whenever someone needs her. She always be there, but whenever she needs someone no one is there. We know family is everything what a human needs. But in case of women sometimes family becomes the reason for her fall. If family will not support her she will become weak. And that is her weak point.

Women are not weak but they are soft and emotional which makes them to believe anyone easily. But it doesn’t mean that they are weak. Because whenever time comes they fight for their life and dignity.

It’s up to you what will you make them strong or weak. Because your behaviour will make them Devi Durga or its opposite Devi Kali.

Women are so strong that they can tolerate the pain and they can also give it back to you (the pain that you have given her).

No matters how hard they try but always what they got to listen is what you did??. It’s not your fault. I believed on wrong person. I thought you can do that…. Blah…. Blah… Blah. so better is that don’t care what others say, do whatever you want to do. Women should understand that somehow they are responsible for their decision and so for their loss. They have to become tough so that nobody can hurt them easily. So that, No one will play with their lives. Life is full of hurdles, pain and hassle. women should understand that they can fight with their fear of getting fail. They should understand that they have the great power to feel other’s pain.

women power is the power which they don’t even know that they had. It’s easy to complete your dream girls because you are the creator of your dreams similarly you are the destroyer too.

Women are stronger than anyone if they will start to live strong. It is their decision and only their strength. So to all my beautiful friends, I want to give them a big applause. You are the charmer of your loved one’s life. You are the Laxmi, so Durga, and you are the kaali too (depends on the condition). So don’t be in that way in which the people want to see you. Best of luck… to you all. Stay the way You Are…

Before ending up this article I want to tell a little story of girl’s struggle.

Women power – ” the eternal power that every women have”

A girl was thinking to become a scientist. She tried a lot but always there came hurdles. She didn’t stop yet. She tried again. After completing her post graduation. She thought she will give upsc exam. But what she needed was preparation. As, her mother told her that you have studied a lot. Now it’s time for job. She was so sad because her family denied to give money for the preparation. So, she searched a job and started to do a job. She was not happy perhaps with the job. So she left the job soon and told her family that I want to do only one thing in my life. Please let me do this. But as she knows very well that they will search a groom for her so soon. So, she decided to prepare by own but as she started she stopped because of a fear that she had faced during her post graduation. In her msc. Whenever she tried to study she always felt sleepy. May be that was because of tension of getting good marks. Now, she took help of her sibblings. Her sister told her mother that you should let her do whatever she desire because after marriage she is not going to get chance for that. Even her relatives were saying the same thing. Her brother was too indoctrinated. At last, they said ok, do whatever you want. She again started to dream. But I think the dream was only a dream, because they said you can go out for preparation but they didn’t let her go. They said you can go out but after getting married. What could she do? Of course, she has take tke first step for herself. But, what she did? She just silentely didwhatever people were demanding from her. So, somehow she is only reason for her own fall. No one is to blame. So, stand, try and try again. This is only way you can reach to your dream.

So, every girl who is struggling for their dream should know their real power. Untill you keep youself inside that prison created by yourself. You will not be able to take step ahead. Come out of that prison and keep trying. One day you will see the change. Best of luck girls.

11 responses to “No one can understands the pain that you are going through”

  1. Gone through your article.
    I agree to what you have written.
    I have great respect for every woman. I know women have the Supreme Power in the form of Devi Shakti. Matri Shakti is above all for the creation and procreation. Through simple words, we can’t glorify Mothers. I am father of single daughter. I understand girls. Your post is excellent 👍☺️
    Your posts are excellent. You have high Divine nature, that is why you are able to write such insightful posts.
    Best wishes 😊🙏

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    • Thank you so much for all the encouragement and support you’ve given me. I can’t thank you with words because I don’t have any words which can describe your kindness. This is your greatness that you good in everything. Thank you so so much for your support. ☺🙏

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      • Preet, It is my pleasure that you have got encouragement through these reads. In this respect I will say that have written notes only from those books I have gone through. You can say, it is sharing my experience. Since I could save myself, hence, I made my mind to share my experience, if by chance, this works for others, who are passing through bed times. Once you understand, in reality nothing is bad. You will find your true Identity. Then everything will be alright for Self. Nothing to be worried for or nothing to be afraid of. I assure you. Go deep inside, just think and think, read and think. Truth will reveal itself before you. Please try to spare time on reading . Best wishes Preet. 😊🙏

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      • Thank you, 😊 it will absolutely work but only for those who really wanted to come out of their suffering. You can create pathway but we have take a step to walk on that path. And I’m sure your posts are helping so many people out there. 🙂

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  2. This is so beautiful..We have all experienced being both male and female, in others lives, those that remember understand both the pain of being male and female, as well as being gay,lesbian black,white,red,etc, how experiences are vast,varied and as we all are Preet a magnificent worthy sovereign aspect of God/source, helping everything expand through your cool is that 😋🎈🎈🌹💜.. Blessings GG

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    • You are right. That’s why we can not understand each other’s pain. Sometimes people make fun of others without knowing what they are going through. God bless you. 🙂🙏

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