What is my relation with that eternal power?

Divine light: which is pulling us towards itself

I flipped my board, the board of desires. Yeah, i suppressed all the fervency and desires. I froze my soul to leave it all. I don’t wanna think about hilarious road which I’ve taken during those days. I peeked inside the spacecraft of my mirth to keep it away from my thoughts. It inspired me, yeah my pain and grieve. It gives me vigour to efface it all. The revelry of my heart makes me positive. I cool down myself when become hot. My anger turns into the fresh gust of breeze. It provides my soul immense peace. I could see the stars twinkling because it has all the power of eternity which makes me more vigour. It’s endless grace makes it more tremendous and superior. I stare the blue sky to get it’s perfect glimpse of good heaven. I could imagine my life without my soul which would turn into a lifeless corpse. I can hear the taunt of the society behind my back. But what it costs, nothing…. Because, now I am not alive to listen all those whisper and taunt from anyone. Now I am in eternity and in the embrace of God. I oblate my life and soul to that even power which provides me reinforcement. I admitted that he is the only crutch and support of my mind, heart and soul. He is the divine force which is pulling our sins towards it and converting them to hieratic act.

The holy atmosphere around that giant shrine makes me feel real alive. It’s because now my spirit is free from all the evil and sin.

Divine tree: green leaves are the divine power

The holy spirit is the soul which is in the shadow of god’s grace, the refugee of God’s grace and kindness. Eternity is not anywhere else, it’s in me which is connecting me to my father. He has only one name, because he is one. The owner of all the spirit is one and only one. The person who understands the power and intentions of god will get him and bounds to his cologne and aura. What is my relation with that eternal power??. I am the child of that divine providence. I muffle the cloak of patience because I believe in the miracle of his divine power. I’ve trust on his existence. Yes, he exists, in me, in you, in this material world and in all the things. I am blessed by his grace. A boon which he has given me. Now, I am living in that realistic heaven with sacrament of his love and caress. He pampers me and tells me that I am not alone. He is with me every time and in every menace to remove all the thorns and hurdles from my way. I huddle in fear but he puts his hands on my head to admonish that he is here. He prompts his love to make me feel better. Now I am not feeling alone. I know he is with me. I am not living in this materialistic world, now I am in his asylum and I am completely lost in his shadow. I am in God’s grace. I am blessed with his presence in me. I can feel him everywhere. I am in his godly hands. He will protect me and takes me to the spirituality. The spiritual serenity makes me more stronger and takes me to the eternity. I conveyance myself to the great lord and consecrate my all to that divine power. I confess all the sins in front of him. So that, he will forgive me and assimilate me. Now, the curse can not effect my soul.

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