It’s been a while that I smiled

A person with lot of expectation can never be happy. You can never smile if you are thinking of becoming someone else. The eyes brimmed with tears, the heart full of pain and the mind filled with thoughts are the only result of your overthinking can lead to your death. The famous person who said a very beautiful line: don’t take stress, becauAs we it is notse you are so worthy for your family. The inheritance of someone’s life is that person himself. No one can give your smile back to you if you will lost it. A boon that you will live a happy life. You are the self envious because you are the enemy of your own. You stop yourself to smile. I always think of becoming rich and famous. Then, You will never become happy because fame can never give you happiness. As it is not necessary that famous people are happy but it can be possible the happy people become famous.

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