It’s my life

Hola, sometimes it becomes very hard to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Sometimes we quarrel with our parents that you don’t know anything or please, don’t teach me like I’m a five years old child. It’s my life and I know how to live my life. But we must know, our parents are more experienced than us. So, they know more than us. Yeah! Sometimes it’s right. But we must know how to behave with them. I love my parents and it happens with me also, but when I want to prove myself right, I gave them a perfect reason for that. I simply tell them that this is why I am saying it’s wrong. For example, today I am not feeling well but still my mom wants me to go to market with my friend then, I’ll just say that I am not feeling well that’s why I will not go. If they will insist me to go then I will just tell them a story about my friend. What will her mom say if she will be there at my place. What?? She will say ; ” No, she can’t come today as she is not feeling well.” If her mom can say that to me then why can’t you say to her the same thing. Go mamma I have full faith on you. And I am sure it’ll work. If we’ll clear everything then our parents will definitely get our point. They will absolutely understand us.

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