Yeah! I’m a girl

Who says that girls are created only to do household work. I have done masters in science. I’m doing a job. But my parents say that they will find a perfect match for me and after that I will have to get married. This is my life. No ways…. first of all, I have to find a perfect matchbox for me to burn all my dreams. So that, I will not see dreams again or I can do one more thing that I will just deny to get marry and say to them that I wanna pursue my dreams first. I want to say to everyone that yeah! I am a girl and I am proud of myself. I am here not to just sweeping, moping and cooking. I am here to find my way. I am here to walk on that path. I am here to know by my name. Look, there she goes. Do you know who is she??. She is a girl.

Yeah!! I’m a girl, I know

And I am proud on that, although

I’m enjoying my company

I am screaming in my thoughts

Yeah!! I’m a girl, I know

I ironed the clothes, I sweeped the floor

I cracked my fingers, I scratched my nose

I don’t want someone who gives me Rose

I want someone who understands my purpose

Yeah!! I’m a girl, I know

I’ll pursue my dreams, I’ll show my passion

I’ll search my way, I’ll find my destination

I’ll prove myself, I’ll achieve my goal

Yeah!! I’m a girl, I know

And I’m proud on that, although

Yeah!! I am a girl, I know

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