Yeah! I’m a girl

Who says that girls are created only to do household work. I have done masters in science. I’m doing a job. But my parents say that they will find a perfect match for me and after that I will have to get married. This is my life. No ways…. first of all, I have to find a perfect matchbox for me to burn all my dreams. So that, I will not see dreams again or I can do one more thing that I will just deny to get marry and say to them that I wanna pursue my dreams first. I want to say to everyone that yeah! I am a girl and I am proud of myself. I am here not to just sweeping, moping and cooking. I am here to find my way. I am here to walk on that path. I am here to know by my name. Look, there she goes. Do you know who is she??. She is a girl.

Yeah!! I’m a girl, I know

And I am proud on that, although

I’m enjoying my company

I am screaming in my thoughts

Yeah!! I’m a girl, I know

I ironed the clothes, I sweeped the floor

I cracked my fingers, I scratched my nose

I don’t want someone who gives me Rose

I want someone who understands my purpose

Yeah!! I’m a girl, I know

I’ll pursue my dreams, I’ll show my passion

I’ll search my way, I’ll find my destination

I’ll prove myself, I’ll achieve my goal

Yeah!! I’m a girl, I know

And I’m proud on that, although

Yeah!! I am a girl, I know

6 responses to “Yeah! I’m a girl”

  1. I love your poem and the sentiment behind them.

    You are your own woman and in 2022 you must make your own decisions.

    Marry the person you love when you are ready and not when you are pushed by family or traditions. Marriage does not define a person, their choices do.
    Stand fast and hold onto your dreams , not other people’s.

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