An Eerie storm

It was the beautiful morning of Sunday. Anuradha’s family was very happy because her husband promised to take them out on vacation to Europe. Anuradha is 32 years old young and beautiful lady with fair complexion, long black hair and brown eyes.
“Anu, where is my red shirt?” ; Ajit said.
Ajit is 35 years old young and handsome, tall muscular man with fair complexion, blue eyes and brown hair. Actually, they were packing for vacation.
“I don’t know, check in the wardrobe” ; Anu said.
“Oh my god, it’s such a mess. Where is it?”; Ajit looks for the shirt and he said irritatedly.
“Oh! I got it” ; Ajit whispered.
“Anu, Have you done packing?” ; Ajit asked.
“Yes, I have almost done” ; Anu replied.
“Arjun and Avni, what about you? Have you done?” ; Ajit asked to his young and clever children.
“Yes, papa we are ready to fly” ; Arjun, 15 years old boy with fair complexion , brown hair and blue eyes replied with excitement.
“Anu, Anuradha….” ; Ajit shouted her name desperately.
“Yes, I am ready” ; Anu screamed from the bedroom.
They came out of the house after locking each and every doors and windows.
They took a cab and were heading towards the Airport.
When they reached at the Airport there was an announcement ; “All the passenger, please go towards your seat. The flight is about to take off”.
They runoff towards the ticket counter.
They went inside the Aeroplane after completing all the necessary document – work.
“Papa, it’s so hard” ; Avni , 10 years old, a fair coloured and dark haired pretty girl, gasped.
“What happened” ; Ajit asked.
“Please, fasten my seat belt, I’m not able to do so” ; Avni requested in soft voice and her eyes were glittering.
“Yes, of course my doll” ; Ajit laughed and fasten the seat belt of Avni.
Avni danced in amusement.
For a while, they all sat quietly in the Aeroplane.
Suddenly, Avni asked “Papa, Are we flying?” watching outside the window in terror.
Anu laughed.
“Yes, my princess” ; Ajit replied softly.
Avni grabbed her father’s hand in terror of falling down from the Aeroplane.
“It’s okk, I’m sitting besides” ; Ajit said in a way of comforting her.
Everybody slept after sometime. Suddenly Ajit woke up. His heart was palpitated. He was petrified.
He took a deep breath and watched outside the window.
He saw dark clouds in the sky. “It seems that it’s about to rain” ; Ajit murmured.
After a while, an announcement had done to warned the passengers.
“Please fasten your seatbelts. It’s an eerie storm and heavy rainfall. We have to land the flight to the nearby spot.”
After sometime one more announcement had done.
“Don’t worry, we are handelling the situation, be calm and please don’t panic.”
Ajit gulped and said -“It seems menancing.”
He was very frightened and holds his daughter more tightly but still he was just keep looking outside the window frame.

Then, the plane shaked with the sudden vibration which made the passenger awake. All the passenger screamed in fear. They jolted with the shaking of plane. But after sometime everything came in peace.

But…. It was not the end of their problem.. .. It was just started. The storm was getting more and more devastating.

Suddenly, a thunderstorm hit the plane which makes the plane burnt. The pilots get panicked. They got only one choice that was to land the plane some where. But there were grass everywhere. There were no sign of plane land so they had decided to land the plane on grass as soon as possible.

There will be loss of lives in doing this. But still they had to land the plane somewhere. Otherwise, everyone will die. They wanted to save some of the lives.

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